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Robotic Surgery Hospital Bunda Handle 175 Cases

July 28, 2016
Since it was introduced by RS Bunda Jakarta in early 2012, the technology of robotic surgery (robotic surgery) is now an alternative option for patients in performing the surgery.


Robotic Surgery reduce postoperative complaints

June 27, 2016
Surgery using robotic technology (Robotic Surgery) became one of the best options for reducing postoperative complaints. With surgery by using one of the most advanced machines in the world of medical personnel, patients will be able to more quickly recover. The magnitude of injury due to surgery is significantly smaller compared with non-robotic surgery.


Comfortable with Robotic Surgery

July 29, 2016
This technology promises an improvement of surgery so as to minimize injury to the patient. The presence of robots to help humans can already be found in many aspects of life


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