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Robotic Surgery reduce postoperative complaints

June 27, 2016
Surgery using robotic technology (Robotic Surgery) became one of the best options for reducing postoperative complaints. With surgery by using one of the most advanced machines in the world of medical personnel, patients will be able to more quickly recover. The magnitude of injury due to surgery is significantly smaller compared with non-robotic surgery.


Live & Seminar Robotic Surgery Indonesia in August 2015

August 22, 2015
Advances in technology also had an impact on the medical world is expected to increase the life expectancy of humans. In the process of handling the surgery has been done, there is still an impact trauma for the patient because there are many patients still feel pain or postoperative pain.


With Robotic Surgery, Patient Adenomyosis Now No Need Longer Lift Uterus

August 07, 2015
Robotic surgical technologies make physicians no longer need to open the patient's abdomen while performing surgery. In addition to minimize pain and scarring, robotic surgery was also able to eliminate the procedure of lifting the uterus for some diseases, such as adenomyosis.


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